Manish Malhotra's strength and fame.

Manish Malhotra's strength and fame.

The strength of Manish Malhotra comes from his uncanny ability to be recognized. Few fashion designers have the kind of fame that Manish has we are used to seeing celebrities surrounded by their fans.  You may credit him for smoothly connecting the two industries of fashion and film when he received Filmfare's first Best Costume Design prize in 1996 for Rangeela.


Some believe that when he started asking his A-list celebrity friends to walk as stand outs on the ramp, he accidentally ruined the lives of the supermodel.


A Manish Malhotra costume is easily recognizable, much like that of his peer Sabyasachi. The saree Katrina Kaif wore in the Tip Tip Barsa Pani adaptation was designed by Manish Malhotra, which is obvious to anyone who isn't studying fashion.


He has consistently relied on high glamour. The inclusion of Kareena Kapoor Khan and Karan Johar on his list of best friends is therefore not surprising. He looks no older than 40, despite the fact that he just turned 55. He keeps his well-groomed fingers across several pies, including those of technology, design, jewelry, beauty, and now film.





Designer , costume - How do manage to play so many roles.


I enjoy what i do -The adventure includes business activities and partnerships. Design, styling, and makeup all play a part in how I define fashion. Because I have a passion for film, I have been able to launch a full business while also producing some memorable looks for the big screen. Currently, I'm living out a childhood fantasy of mine, which was to be a director, bringing the enchantment of movies, fashion, and fun to reality.

Find something you are incredibly excited about and above all else, have fun and experiment. Instead of just working, you would actually appreciate the experience and any challenges you could face.



I've been that that forever Change excites me. Moving forward with the times is what I define as change. Trying something new never hurts.

I can change from one section to another while establishing my personal designs with the necessary efforts and extensive knowledge.


I've always looked beyond fashion because I work in the fashion industry. Innovative research that I conducted served as the basis for my fashion inspiration, which in turn was a key component of my design.




Manish Malhotra Famous designer iconic costumes.

Kareena's Poo looks

 As examples of iconic catwalk outfits that capture the sensibilities of the current generation, think of sneakers with lehengas and Kareena's Poo looks. I find it impossible to let go of my classics because they are present in every weave despite the constant barrage of shifting fashions.

Kareena's Poo looks

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